5th Congress of the Balkan Association for Maxillofacial Surgery
19th Congress of the Slovenian Association for Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery

24 – 25 November 2017

The congress will take place on Friday and Saturday in the charming city of Ljubljana.

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Grand Hotel Union

We will be hosted in one of the hotels with the oldest tradition located right in the old city centre.

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A rich and varied programme

The programme  includes a broad spectrum of invited specialists that are one of the best in their fields.

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Following tradition

On the behalf of the organizing committee, it is a great honor to invite you to the joint meeting of the Balkan and Slovenian Associations of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is our pleasure to organize this scientific meeting with participants from the Balkan region and associated countries. The congress will offer many opportunities for building strong professional and personal connections, as well as for enjoying Slovenian hospitality. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Ljubljana, conveniently located in the center of Slovenia, on the northern tip of the Balkan peninsula, between the Adriatic sea, the Alps and the Panonian plain.


Friday, 24.11.2017

08:00   Registration

08:45Opening speech 

08:55   Balkan river tour Rozman R.

Cancer of the Head and Neck

09:15Head and neck cancer, my experience Virag M.

09:35Diagnostic Imaging and Planning Procedures in Head and Neck Oncology Kalavrezos N.

09:55Surgical treatment of oral cavity cancer Didanovič V.

10:15Technical developments in Maxillofacial Reconstruction Wolf KD.

10:35Quality of life assessment in patients with oral cancer Kozomara R.

10:55   Discussion

☕   Coffee break

Head & Neck Tumors

11:45Salivary gland tumors Popovski V.

12:05Non melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) Uglešić V.

12:25Thirty years long experience with vascular anomalies Stošić S.

12:45Tumors in children Dovšak T.

13:05Epithetic and prosthetic rehabilitation of tumor patients Lazić V.

13:25   Discussion

🍽️   Lunch

Maxillofacial traumatology

14:30Facial gunshot injuries Parmar S.

14:50Midfacial trauma Kansky A.

15:10Open surgery of the TMJ Vesnaver A.

15:30Intubation in difficult conditions Kulonja K.

15:50Condylar trauma management Schön R.

16:10   Discussion

☕   Coffee break

Cleft Surgery

16:30Ljubljana concept of cleft surgery Eberlinc A.

16:50Craniofacial advancement Rasse M.

17:10Primary Palatoplasty Kişnişçi R.

17:30Problems of the lip and nose Knežević P.

17:50Proboscis lateralis. Literature review and surgical update Galiè M., Clauser L.

18:05   Discussion

Saturday, 25.11.2017

08:15   Welcome speech

Orthognathic Surgery

08:30Treatment of facial asymmetries Santler G.

08:50Planning orthognathic surgery Hrušák D.

09:10Contemporary treatment of skeletal Class III deformities Ihan Hren N.

09:30Surgery First Protocol Ratner S.

09:50Facial esthetic procedures Milenović A.

10:10   Discussion

☕   Coffee break

Dental Implantology I

10:45Dental implant planning in severe anatomical conditions Konstantinović V.

11:05Rehabilitation of very atrophic maxilla with zygomatic implants Cerović R.

11:25Surgical complications in implantology: prevention & treatment Galiè M.

11:45Munich concepts for (implant) dentistry from a prosthetic perspective Beuer F.

12:05Peri-implantitis and mechanical complications in implantology Gorjanc M.

12:25   Discussion

🍽️   Lunch

Dental Implantology II

14:30Immediate implantation Kočar M.

14:50Implant rehabilitation of the edentulous maxilla Kuhar M.

15:10Implant rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible Macan D.

15:30Soft tissue management – periodontal plastic surgery Gašperšič R.

15:50All in one treatment concept Oblak Č.

16:10   Discussion

☕   Coffee break

Oral Surgery

16:30Snoreplasty – a new method of laser treatment of snoring Dovšak D.

16:50Wisdom teeth removal, is it necessary? Sotošek B.

17:10Medically related osteonecrosis of the jaw Sapundžiev D., Kocjan T.

17:30Extractions and socket preservation Dubnov A.

17:50   Discussion

18:00   End of the congress


Free paper sessions

Friday, 24.11.2017


09:15Treatment options for oronasal fistulas after cleft palate surgical repair Pešić Z.

09:25Presurgical nasoalveolar molding in infants with complete bilateral cleft lip and palate Polak M.

09:35Epidemiology of clefts in Slovenia Kovačič Ž.

09:45Gaucher disease Koren M.

09:55The management of manifestetions Of Gardner syndrome in the maxillofacial region Brajković D.

10:05Primary reconstruction with PEEK implant of an intraosseus venous malformation od the lateral orbital rim: a case report Camurri Piloni A., Vasselli M.

10:15Clinical and radiological features of cherubism: A case report Brkić M.

10:25☕   Coffee break

TMJ – Vesnaver A.

11:45Bilateral coronoid hyperplasia: a case report Špindler T.

11:55Myositis ossificans traumatica of temporal muscle: a case report Marjanović U.

12:05Risk of facial nerve injury using the preauricular inverted hockey stick approach for treating condylar fractures Vozlič D.

12:15Treatment of end-stage temporomandibular joint disease Balon P.

12:25Persistent foramen of Huscke Coppen C.

12:35Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring: benefits and limits in CMF traumatology Rizzo R.

12:45🍽️   Lunch


14:30Value of DNA hypermethylation promotor genes in l cancerogenesis and diagnosis in oral cancer patients Dvojakovska S.

14:40Oral rehabilitation with dental implants after cancer treatment  Prodnik L.

14:50Oral cavity and oropharyngeal defects reconstruction after malignancies resection – always a challenge Jović S.

15:00Tumors of the salivary glands in Serbia Dimitrijević M.

15:10Our 30 year experience with ameloblastoma Sejfija O.

15:20Key factors for esthetic implant restorations Beuer F.

Saturday, 25.11.2017


09:15Immediate provisorisation of imediately inserted implants with sinus lift procedure with the intraoral welding technique Čok G.

09:25Lesions in the mandible as a result of the use of bisphosphonate – case report Boljević T.

09:35Therapeuthic effects of ozone in patients with bisphosphonate – related osteonecrosis of the jaws Popovik Monevska D.

09:45Negative pressure wound therapy od periorbital necroziting fasciitis Harmicar D.

09:55Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in CMF, 10 years of dives Peroša P.

10:05Cyst treatment depending on their size and location Sejfija Z.

10:15☕   Coffee break


10:45Quality of life assessment in different types of skeletal Class III dentofacial deformities: pre- and postoperative results in comparison with healthy individuals Gačnik J.

10:55Evaluation of facial soft tissue changes in Class III orthognathic patients Verdenik M.

11:05Changes of some functional speech disorders after surgical correction of skeletal anterior open bite Knez Ambrožič M.

11:15Beckwith Widman syndrome: a case report Weber P.

11:25Custom-Made Scaffolds for Bone Augmentation: Are we moving towards the future? Cruz N., Moura P.


Our Awesome Invited Lecturers

We have the pleasure to present you some of our invited speakers.
Each of them is one of the best.

Only a few speakers are displayed at a time, so don’t forget to take a look at all of our speakers.
We are constantly updating the page.

Reha Kişnişçi

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Aleš Vesnaver

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Vladimir Popovski

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Andreja Eberlinc

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Predrag Knežević

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Vitomir Konstantinović

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A strong foundation

The scientific committee

Andrej Kansky, Vojko Didanovič, Tadej Dovšak, Andreja Eberlinc, Nataša Ihan Hren, Reha Kişnişçi, Miha Kočar, Vitomir Konstantinović, Vladimir Popovski, Srboljub Stošić, Vedran Uglešić, Andrej Vesnaver and Klaus Dietrich Wolff.

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Location of the congress

Grand hotel Union

Participants will be granted reduced prices for the accommodation at the Union hotel group from 21 – 26 November 2017.

Please note that the accommodation is not included in the congress fee.

Hotel telephone: +386 1 3081270

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